New 1877 Track Tonight on Resonance FM

A mix from Aylesbury’s new DIY label Structured Disasters airs tonight at 10:30pm on Resonance 104.4fm during the Spool’s Out radio show.

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It will feature 1877’s brand new track ‘The Way Back’, along with material from Glockenspiel, Black Ju Ju, Lust Rollers and more from the Aylesbury Underground. Listen here live: or head to for more info.

1877 Live in Northampton Next Week

1877 are playing live at Labour Club in Northampton next Friday 17 October with Italian new wave/shoegaze band called Stelladiana and ambient / drone artist Stereocilia.

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The Endless Road

1877 guitarist Nik guested on episode 3 of ‘The Endless Road’ show, a new music storytelling podcast by Justin Strangward (ex-Bootstrap, the Rubber Tones) and friends.

You can check out his contribution here, loosely inspired by ‘The Algebraist’ by Iain M Banks

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1877 on Radio MK Tonight

1877 will be played tonight on Radio Milton Keynes at around 5pm




1877 Live This Sunday

1877 live white swan aylesbury 24.08.14

1877 on Instagram

Yes you heard it, 1877 are now on Instagram.

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Rock n roll

Policeman in Watlington

In just under a month 1877 return to live performance with an appearance at the Beacon Festival in the lush, landscaped fields of Watlington in Southern Oxfordshire.  Weekend and day tickets are available from the festival website and 1877 are playing the Friday evening.

We will be doing tracks from our new EP ‘There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads, He Must Be Destroyed’ which is available via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc, and some old ‘hits’.

Our last gig was in Milton Keynes late last year, a video of us performing ‘I am an Antagonist’ there can be found below;


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